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Archive recording incomplete

Shane Test Pass 7/27

Event ran 29 minutes

We did start and stop the session a couple of times.

The only recording that I received in the back office is for 4:15. The first 3:45 the screen is totally black and you can only hear Ryan talking. Near that point you can start to hear me but very faint.

Also at that point the screen share appears for when we are sharing. Then the recording stops unexpectedly.

If there is no stream we should show something instead a black screen, probably the "nobody is streaming at the moment"

Seems to be issues with the audio at least on my side, Ryan could hear me.

Should have more than one archive recording, one for each session, correct?

This could be because of whatever is causing my stuff to not return recordings, but don't know.

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  • Jul 27 2020
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